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Outdoor benches, park benches and city benches

ZANO Street Furniture offers a wide range of seating comprising: seats, benches and modular seating. A number of styles and designs are offered across our catalogue. All products are manufactured in a wide range of materials and styles. We produce urban furniture outdoor benches, such as: exterior benches, park benches, main street benches, garden benches, city benches and contemporary indoor benches. Modern or perhaps retro? ZANO company produce contemporary seating, designed especially for modern environments both inside and out, as well as retro outdoor benches, which combine timeless European style with the durability of cast iron and timber. Our seats and benches are designed to permanently enhance the elegance of both public and private developments.

Concrete benches

Concrete is definitely one of those materials which will change the future of street furniture manufacturing. First of all, it is rugged and durable, that is the reason why it has long been used in urban construction. Its potential is richer than ever today. Architectonic concrete is used to create minimalistic, modern lines or to form comfortable and original curves. It also provides solutions combining elegance and strength. Our concrete benches are the best confirmation of those conceptions. Nowadays they are often used in urban public spaces, gardens and parks. Their sturdiness makes them an excellent choice in urban settings where there is a risk of vandalism. What is more, concrete benches are better withstand freezing-melting cycles, reducing the risk of cracking. Our concrete benches can be manufacture to any plan, size, shape and height.

Benches and seating manufacturer

Zano company provides full-scale urban architectural services with experience across the spectrum of the benches and seating area. We are passionate about creating beautiful, original, sustainable and also functional models that are not only responsive to our clients’ needs, but also to their community and surroundings. Zano offers a wide range of bench and seat options in a variety of materials including: cast iron, timber, steel, stainless steel, stainless steel with hardwood and concrete, as well as a wide range of options include armrests, various fixing options and variable lengths.