Skała Litter Bin with ashtray 03.039

Street Furniture with style.

street litter bins with ashtray
stylish capacious litter bins
stee sheet litter bin
ashtray of litter bin 03.039
Litter bins in shopping mall
Outdoor waste can made of steel painted 9005 RAL
litter bin 03-039
Litter bin 03-039

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dimension: show hide

  • height100cm
  • width 55cm
  • thickness 40cm

capacity: show hide

  • 60L

weight: show hide

  • 27kg

materials: show hide

  • steel moldings
  • steel sheet metal
  • stainless steel ashtray
  • tinplate insert

colours: show hide

  • available in all RAL palette standard colours

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Methods of installation: show hide

  • attached by bolts to foundation

Container: show hide

  • galvanized steel container

catalogue number: 03.039.SC

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Original project: Tomasz Szpytma

All rights reserved.

Description of the model

Skała 03.039 litter bin is an attractive, carbon steel project. It is easy to maintain. This outdoor litter bin is ideal in street locations, near to suburban shopping strips, small factories, hotels, motels etc. The robust construction of this litter bin makes it ideal for unsupervised areas, as it is fire, weather, corrosion and vandal resistant. Presented modern litter bin is available in all RAL palette standard colours. It can be used as a free-standing model or it can be mounted to the ground by the screws.