Altus Litter Bin 03.052.02

Street Furniture with style.

classic litter bin with corner ashtray

Litter bin for the cities
Litter bins- stainless steel construction
Outdoor litter bin 55 L
Urban furniture waste bins
outdoor waste bin Altus with ashtray
Litter bin Altus 03.052.2
Litter bin Altus 03.052.2

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dimension: show hide

  • height 82cm
  • width 38cm

capacity: show hide

  • 55L

weight: show hide

  • 38kg

materials: show hide

  • stainless steel moldings
  • wooden boards
  • tinplate insert

colours: show hide

  • available in all RAL palette standard colours

capacity of ashtray: show hide

  • 0,3 L

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Methods of installation: show hide

  • attached by bolts to foundation

Casing: show hide

  • soft wood
  • extra hard wood
  • hard wood (oil finish)
  • HPL

Container: show hide

  • galvanized steel container

catalogue number: 03.052.02.SN

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Original project: Mateusz Wełmiński

All rights reserved.

Description of the model

03.052.02 Altus litter bin is a classic style model with a functional corner ashtray.It is able to cope with constant use. Designed for easy cleaning and low maintenance, it is ideal for places where free standing cigarette bin is required. All Altus outdoor litter bins with ashtrays have been designed mainly for today's smokers who have to go outdoors to enjoy their cigarettes. Presented model is available in all RAL palette standard colours.

Litter bins Altus

Altus city litter bins are a universal solution for any space. The line includes waste bins for general waste, litter bins with ashtrays and recycling bins. The construction of the baskets is made of stainless steel or optionally of carbon steel painted with RAL paint. The finish is made of spruce wood, exotic wood or hpl laminate board and architecture concrete. Becouse of the materials used, we can place an inscription, name or pattern on the litter bin. In wooden elements we put inscriptions suggesting what waste the trash can is intended for. The same applies to hpl laminate. When choosing the hpl we can afford a unique pattern, choice of colour of the material, placing the company name, logo, sign, coat of arms of the city, school. The litter bin can also contain infographics.

Street furniture | Design, manufacture | Litter bins, recycling bins

Altus litter bins are made of stainless steel or carbon steel, galvanized and powder coated. The walls of the litter bin are made of wooden planks ( national or exotic wood), architectural concrete cast in Trigono pattern or HPL laminate available in several colours. Any pattern or inscription can be milled in the laminate.

The walls of the litter bin are made of wooden planks, architectural concrete panels in Trigono design and HPL laminate.

Milling in HPL gives us the possibility to place
any text or pattern on the wall of the litter bin

Altus Litter Bin | Opening Method

Litter bin opening method: opened at the top.

Altus Litter Bin | Opening Method

Altus litter bins

Altus is a line of street furniture modern waste bins. It contains single litter bins, litter bins with ashtray as well as bins for segregated waste, also with ashtrays.

Street Furniture | Custom orders | Milling in wood, cuttind and etching in steel
Custom order | Public litter bins | Choose your own pattern and design!

Modern line

Modern line presents top quality products made of stainless steel and carbon steel. They were designed especially for the modern architecture. What makes them different is that subtle aesthetics based on simple solid, without any unnecessary ornaments.

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As a leading manufacturer in Poland we always do our best to meet the customer’s requirements. ZANO is equally comfortable and experienced designing for different types of street furniture projects. We are passionate about creating beautiful, functional, sustainable models. This is achieved through a process of focused listening that seeks to truly understand and respond to the inherent nuances of each particular client.