Mozaika Tree grille 11.053

Street Furniture with style.

11.053 tree grille is durable and innovative- perfect for commercial pavements and alleys
Tree grille are an elegant and effective way to protect trees from the public traffic

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  • width 200cm
  • length 200cm
  • diameter of the tree hole 82cm
  • grille thickness 10mm
  • total thickness with the frame 60mm

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  • 184 kg

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  • black steel thickness 10mm

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  • available in all RAL palette standard colours

catalogue number: 11.053.SC

Enquire about this 12 200 20 53


The majority of ZANO Street Furniture grilles are heavy enough to resist opportunistic vandalism. That is the reason why presented 11.053 tree grille weights 184 kg. It is durable, low maintenance and long- life product. Mozaika tree grille has a fantastic balck steel constuction. What is more, presented grille has also some unique clamp fixings, which surely will help prevent theft. Mozaika is an excellent example of modern design street furniture.

Modern line

Modern line presents top quality products made of stainless steel and carbon steel. They were designed especially for the modern architecture. What makes them different is that subtle aesthetics based on simple solid, without any unnecessary ornaments.

Our tree guards

Our firm offers necessary equipment to protect tries. Our tree guards secure limb and roots. Thanks to the special design of our guards trees can freely absorb the water from the ground


As a leading manufacturer in Poland we always do our best to meet the customer’s requirements. ZANO is equally comfortable and experienced designing for different types of street furniture projects. We are passionate about creating beautiful, functional, sustainable models. This is achieved through a process of focused listening that seeks to truly understand and respond to the inherent nuances of each particular client.